Of Whom Shall I be Afraid?

Like many parents in Arkansas today, I sent my 3 children to school with a greater sense of awareness than most days. My wife also works in one of our schools, which means my greatest earthly treasures are walking the halls today in Greenwood. Most who read this are likely aware of the alleged threats made to our schools, as well as other states. But I did not drop them off in fear. I dropped them off in love and faith, trusting in the goodness of God.

I have moments in my life that I am fearful. It can happen at anytime and can invade my mind and my heart. I am guilty in those moments of grasping for greater control over my life and my circumstances. I can even reach for control of my relationships with others; even in my relationship with God. But I am constantly reminded in those moments that God is in control and that I have nothing to fear. When I am fearful, it is because I am trusting more in myself than I am in God.

I found comfort today in this verse in Psalms:

Psalm 27:1- The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 

I am reminded today that my trust is in the Lord. He has been my strength and my comfort when I was afraid. He is sovereign over all and He brings peace to my fearful heart. This does not mean that no harm and no hurt will ever come to my life. It means that if it does, I know that God will always be with me and He will never leave me.

If you are struggling today with fear, remember the goodness of God. He will be your strength and He will be your comfort. If your heart is heavy today with anxiety and anxiousness, ask God to fill your heart with peace. He loves you and He will draw near to you in your time of need.

For me, I am choosing joy today. I am choosing hope and I am choosing to trust fully in the One who has calmed all my fears.

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