The depth of our love for God is proven by the strength of our obedience to Him. It’s easy to take an incorrect approach to our relationship with God, thinking that our love for Him is proven by habits or activities. While those things are a part of a greater display of our faith, they are not the sole proof of our love for God. More than He calls us to sacrifice for Him, He calls us to obedience to Him.

Evaluate your life as a follower of Jesus through the lens of obedience. Notice your habits, disciplines, and activities and filter them through obedience. Our love for God proved through our obedience to Him.

Ultimately, this is why we see that Jesus called people to follow Him. His call was not just to believe and to trust, but to follow. To obey Him by doing and saying what He did and said. We will know that we know Him by our obedience.

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