We have everything we need to be exactly who God wants us to be. A beautiful benefit of our salvation in Jesus is that we are given all the necessary tools to live a life that honors God, builds up others, and fully satisfies all our desires.

Growing in spiritual maturity takes discipline and a solid plan of execution. We will never drift our way to spiritual maturity. God has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit who indwells our hearts, He has given us the Bible so that we can know His heart, He has given us other believers to help us grow ,and walk with us each day, and He has given us the local church to support us and provide us a place for gathered worship. So we have no excuses for not becoming more like Jesus every day.

As followers of Jesus, we are fully equipped to live a life that impacts the world. Let’s go live it! Let’s take the tools we are given and preach the gospel to ourselves and others every day.

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