Absolutely nothing

When we a secured in a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, we can live with surety and confidence. Because the character of God is truth, we can trust all His promises as truth. This passage reminds us that we can be sure that nothing can separate us from God. And because of who He is, we can live with confidence in that promise.

There will be circumstances in our lives that will seem as though God is far from us. There will be seasons in our lives in which the enemy will attempt to cause doubt and discouragement to lead us to believe that God has failed us. But He will never leave us and nothing can separate us from Him.

Consider today what this promise means. There is nothing that can ever, or will ever, separate you from God’s grace, mercy, peace, comfort, and love. So live with confidence and joy in the Lord today. He is for you and He has defeated anything you will face today. Nothing will separate you from Him.

I am enjoying a quiet morning on my porch with Lucky keeping watch. This space has become a respite for me.

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