The Bible consistently shows that learning to live with wisdom is the better way to live. As followers of Jesus, wisdom is offered to us through Jesus as we learn to have “the mind of Christ.” Each day in our time with God we should ask for a greater measure of wisdom.

In this verse, the “sensible person” is the one who has wisdom. He is the one who knows God and has learned to walk in the righteousness of God. Because His mind is fixed on God, he is alert to the dangers that come his way.

The “inexperienced” is the one who does not have wisdom and therefore can’t see the dangers of sin along the journey. They struggle because they are not focusing their mind and heart on God and are not pursuing a life of wisdom.

Walk the path of the sensible person. Lean into the righteousness of God and stay alert along the journey. God will impart to us His wisdom as we trust Him and walk with Him each day.

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