Every day seems like it is a battle of the will. It’s a battle to decide if I will choose to follow my will, or choose to follow God’s will. God’s will is better and always leads to hope and peace. My way is chaos and always leads to hurt and anxiousness.

As followers of Jesus, we are set free. That means we are no longer enslaved to our sin and have to been released by the Cross to live in Christ and walk in the righteousness He provides us. But we are constantly tempted to use that freedom in a self-centered way, as a means to meet our own desires.

The freedom that Jesus provides is not to fulfill my own desires. It’s a freedom to love and serve. It’s a freedom to share life and hope with others. It’s a freedom to declare the gospel to a world desperate for real hope.

Attack today with the freedom of Jesus. Love and serve with a relentless passion, and be reminded along the way that God loves you.

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