One thing

I read a quote recently of a New Testament commentator who was writing about spiritual disciplines. He said that most Christians have “lost the ability to sit and be with God.” That’s a sobering thought, especially when held up next to the shallowness of our own spiritual lives.

In this Psalm, David is expressing his desire to be with God. He wants more than anything else to be with the Lord, to sit in uninterrupted worship, and meditate on the beauty and goodness of His Creator. He writes that it is the one thing that he desires.

We cannot allow the pace of our lives to keep us from unhurried time with God. When we become serious about spiritual maturity and growing in our intimacy with God, we will make space in our lives to be with Him.

Make the time and create the space to for unhurried time with God. Don’t lose the ability and the passion to just sit and be with the Lord.

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